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30 Seconds Challenge Map Minecraft (1.9/1.8.9/1.8)

So you say that you are a certified aficionado of Minecraft computer game? Are you looking for a new thrill and excitement for your Minecraft gaming experience? If you just said ‘yes’ to that, this is good news for you. Welcome to Minecraft’s 30 Seconds Challenge Map 1.8.9-1.8.8. With this gaming treat, you are sure to take your Minecraft gaming adventure into a whole new level! Yes. You heard that absolutely right. Hundreds of thousands of virtual gamers have been enjoying this new deal from Minecraft. You too can be one of them.


Now, here are some of the standout reasons why you should opt for this gaming feature:

Thrilling 30-second challenge

If you think that you have experienced the entire thrill you should have experienced in playing this virtual game, you better think again. Unless you have taken on the 30 Seconds Challenge Map Minecraft, you have not done that yet. This new Minecraft map features several different short levels, which reach a total of 9. Basically, it is quite impossible to complete each of the nine levels in just a matter of thirty seconds or even less. This is how most players view it. But it is not always that way. The excitement of completing the challenge for each of the levels within a significantly short time frame is where the thrill and action happen.

30-Seconds-Challenge-Map-4 30-Seconds-Challenge-Map-3

As a player, you should try your very best to beat the time and finish what you have to as quickly as possible. You can just imagine the urgency, fun, and challenge that you will encounter while completing the 30 Seconds Challenge Map level by level. Without a doubt, Minecraft gaming had never been this action-packed.

Perfect map to enhance skills in playing Minecraft

The previous versions of this game are undeniably exciting. And playing them over and over again allows you to somehow get used to its challenges and advance to the next levels. Because of that, you would be able to play the game as a pass-time hobby. However, this kind of gaming attitude is not always the same with all Minecraft gamers. If you are a kind of player who belong to the competitive group – meaning you are always looking forward to improving your gaming skills and beating records of other players around the world – the 30 Seconds Challenge Map is the perfect training ground for you.

30-Seconds-Challenge-Map-2 30-Seconds-Challenge-Map-1 30-Seconds-Challenge-Map-5

With this Minecraft feature, you will be able to play with your friends as well as all other players across the globe. There, you can compete with anyone using the clear terms allowable in your games. By doing so, everyone has equal chances of winning. That’s absolutely challenging. For this reason, if you plan at engaging into a global competition, you will have the perfectly-honed skills and expertise as you have been already used with Minecraft’s most challenging map.

Need to step up your Minecraft gaming? Engage yourself to 30 Seconds Challenge Map Minecraft and play like a pro as early as you thought you can be.

Let’s Plays:

How to install 30 Seconds Challenge Map:

  • Download the 30 Seconds Challenge Map.
  • With your extraction software (WinRAR, 7Zip, etc.) Extract file.
  • Locate the folder .minecraft . The location varies by operating system:
  • Go to .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Drag map folder into it.
  • Start minecraft.Select and play the map!
  • Enjoy and play.

Download Link:

For Minecraft 1.9,1.8.9/1.8

30 Seconds Challange.zip

Credit: deivismac

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