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Conquest Resource Pack Minecraft (1.9.2/1.9/1.8.9/1.7.10)

Are you a fan of John Smith? Well, I’m sure you will love the newer Conquest Resource Pack Minecraft.

Actually, this pack is tightly based off the pack of John Smith. However, while Conquest pack uses a lot from Smith’s pack, it also is able to do enough stuff exclusively, making it stand out and unique. In fact, you will not notice that it is a replica of something else. Such items like the several wooden plants are look ripped right from other resource pack. In Conquest Resource Pack, other items such as torches, iron bars, levers, tables and others are all unique. Generally, the combination looks to become around 30/70 with 70 percent content in the Conquest made only for the pack.

Conquest Resource Pack Minecraft

If you will notice, you will see that many textures in this pack are somewhat dingy or dirty, which looks used and battered instead of new and fresh. Even if the players melt down the blocks and craft them in several forms of brick types, it still persists. This adds to the general gloomy feeling of Minecraft gamers when playing with the pack. Some of the players will denote to this as gritty and dark or medieval, while others will hate it.

Whether your personal preference matter is good or bad about the Conquest Resource Pack, but it adds value excitement to the world of Minecraft. Additionally, it is still getting updates on a regular basis. That is because Conquer is still under development. For every seven to ten days for the past 2 years, Conquest has updates with some added extras at eccentric times and not along all standard schedules.

Conquest Resource Pack Minecraft reviews

It updates because the developer want to create the resource pack with one hundred percent original work as well as leave ripped textures from other resource packs. In that way, Minecraft gamers will surely enjoy the game, giving them an excellent and unique experience while playing. Make sure to utilize MCPatcher or OptiFine together with Conquest in order to get the most of your resource pack. Otherwise, you can dwell on game-crashing errors.



Changelogs of Conquest Resource Pack 1.9

  • Other ropelog chain version
  • Other light gray stained clay clean version
  • Other white sand clay clean version

The resource pack uses dark accent colors to give every Minecraft gamers the feeling of medieval and old time. This is perfect if you want to construct medieval buildings with vintage style. If not, you can build your own kingdom with a castle and lots of things around it. One good things about Conquest is that, it has a 32x resolution. That means, it will smoothly run and perfect on each kind of computer although yours isn’t powerful.

The features of Conquest Resource Pack are…

  • It uses rich and dark accented colors in order to create a professional style
  • It focus to improve the overall and aesthetic appearance of Minecraft
  • The texture for Mobs and NPC’s are mainly dazzling. Since the author of resource pack has been given authorizations, this permitted him to push the boundaries, plus was able to produce an amazing TP.

Download Links:

For 1.9

For 1.8

For 1.7

Credit: Monsterfish_ – Original Thread on PlanetMinecraft

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