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Diversity Map for Minecraft (1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10)

Diversity Map is a CTM Map, but it is more different because of its own influences. In the original map, you will need to collect different colors and types of wool in order to build the monument. However, in this map, you will go through different challenges and levels to be able to obtain every piece of wool. This is going to add a new way of playing on this kind of maps, which will not make you bored, and will be testing your crafting skills.

Diversity Map for Minecraft

This map has ten different game modes and each color is going to bring you a new adventure that you have to overcome so you can complete the building challenge. The different game modes include the yellow wool wherein it enables you to access several areas of the map, pink wool that is giving you a trivia game, and brown wool, which will get you into a survival game.

Also included in the ten different game modes of Diversity Map Minecraft are the light blue wool that is giving you an escape challenge; dark blue wool, which enables you to play in the Doppler Game; and the red wool, which is giving you the chance of solving a complex puzzle. Furthermore, the black wool is going to put you into a boss battle and the orange wool will be moving you into an adventure world.

In playing Diversity Map 1.8.8 fair, there are some rules that you need to follow, which include not breaking blocks, unless the game has asked for; no cheats and some other mods that will be able to give you advantage; and you cannot change the game mod or the difficulty of the game. Some of the change logs in this map for Minecraft 1.8.8 are that, Dropper has Death Counter now, the texts have been re-written, Wither is summoning and the life bar will go down, and the ladders given in Arena are now less confusing. In addition, some of the riddles hints have been re-written.
Diversity 2 Map-1.png
Diversity 2 Map-2.png
Diversity 2 Map-3.png
Diversity 2 Map-4.png
Diversity 2 Map-5.png
Diversity 2 Map-6.png
Diversity 2 Map-7.png
Diversity 2 Map-8.png

Furthermore, there are different genres in playing Diversity Map, which make you more excited for the endless adventure that you will encounter. There are the adventure world, the Arena, the parkour, dropper, and trivia. There are also the puzzle, survival, Labyrinthian, escape, and the boss battle. You will not only find excitement and fun like the boss battle and Arena, and some more, but you will also get additional information and knowledge in the puzzle and trivia game. The puzzle genre has furthermore few more types, which include the water stream puzzle, jukebox puzzle, sheep puzzle, soul sand puzzle, first carpet puzzle, multiple doorways puzzle, who am I? Puzzle or the so-called riddles, life or death puzzle, slider puzzle, and second carpet puzzle.

You have all kinds of adventure that you are looking for in a great game with Diversity Map Minecraft. This map is perfect for multiplayer in which you can play with your friends for a maximum of three. For the best game, it is recommended to play just with maximum of two players.

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Download Links:

For 1.8.8/1.8 (Diversity 2 Map)

DIVERSITY 2 (v.0.3.2)

For 1.7.10/1.7.4


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