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Download My Heroes Ability Mod 1.9

Installation instructions Download My Heroes Ability Mod 1.9

– Make sure you have Minecraft Forge.
– Locate the Minecraft game folder: On Windows, open the Run dialog box, enter %appdata% and click the Run button. On a Mac, open Finder, hold down the ALT key and click Go> Library. Then open the Application Support folder and search for Minecraft.
– From here, drag in the mods file downloaded (.jar or .zip) you wish to add.
– Open Minecraft game, click on Mods button and explore.

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How To Install Minecraft Forge (Modding API)?

4 steps to install forge for windows, mac, Linux

Step 1: Download and install MC Forge at the website

Step 2:Open the .jar file you just downloaded

Minecraft Forge

Step 3:Select Install Client or Install Server if you want to install for your server, and click OK

Minecraft Forge

Step 4:Launch Minecraft and select the Forge profile, then click Play.

Download My Heroes Ability Mod 1.9 Description:


My Heroes Ability Mod is suitable for Minecrafters who are fans of the famous TV show Heroes. This mod adds everything from the show to the game such as weapons and armors.




Fire Cannon

Requires fire charge for ammo

put new fire cannon in crafting table for infinity

Snow Blaster

Requires Snowballs for ammo

put new snow blaster in crafting table for infinity

Lightning Axe

Right click a block to strike lightning

Healing Stick

Kills undead mobs, heals other mobs

Rocket Launcher

-Requires rockets for ammo (rocket is a new item)

Psychic Paintbrush

Right click air for luck

Put a new psychic paintbrush into crafting table to give it looting

Telekinetic Wand

Inflicts mobs with levitation

Right click air to levitate yourself

Telepathic Staff

Right click air to taunt

Right click ground to turn invisible

Enderpearl Gun

Shoots ender pearls as ammo

Put a new enderpearl gun into crafting table for infinity

Katana of Time

Right click air to change time to day

Inflicts mobs with slowness

Golden Pistol

Shoots gold nuggets (has effect of punch enchantment)

Lightning Colt

Makes the sound of thunder and burns mobs

Requires blaze rods for ammo

Web Shooter

Shoots webs onto blocks

Requires string for ammo

Wooden Bat

Place new wooden bat into crafting table for amazing knockback

Ender Knife

This knife works just like an enderpearl, but can also hurt mobs

Place this knife into crafting table for infinity enchantment

Steel Beam

This is a throwable item that can really hurt mobs

Place into crafting table for infinite uses

Night Rifle

This rifle gives you night vision

Requires glowstone for ammo

Machine Gun

This gun can shoot ammo continuously

Requires gun powder for ammo


Hit a mob or player with this to make them dizzy

Radioactive Sword

This OP weapon hits mobs with blindness and wither effect

This weapon also makes you explode when right clicking a block

Ice Sword

Hit mobs with slowness

Right-click to shoot harmless snowballs (only hurts blazes)

Molecular Sword

Hits mobs with wither effect

Right click a block to imprison mobs in iron bars

Sword of Sickness

Hits mobs with poison









Structures you can spawn:


Ice Shelter




Elemental Armor

Helmet gives you night vision and haste

Put new elemental chestplate into crafting table for blast protection

Leggings give you fire resistance

Put new elemental boots into crafting table for frost walker (enchantment)

Psychic Armor

Helmet of night vision, luck, and haste

Chestplate gives you strength and resistance

put new chestplate into crafting table for projectile protection

Leggings give you swiftness, jump boost, and cancels fall damage

Put new psychic boots into crafting table for feather falling

Strength Armor

Helmet gives you haste

Chestplate gives you resistance and strength

put new chestplate into crafting table for protection enchantment

Leggings give you jump boost and cancels fall damage

Speedy Armor

Put new speedy helmet into crafting table for aqua affinity

Chestplate gives you haste

Leggings give you swiftness

Put new speedy boots into crafting table for depth strider (fast swimmig)

Flying Armor

Chestplate lets you fly

Leggings give you jump boost and cancels fall damage

Immortality Armor

Helmet gives you water breathing, and saturation

Chestplate gives you regeneration






Weapon Recipes:






My-Heroes-Ability-Mod-7.png Sword of Sickness

Talisman Recipes:


Elemental Armor Recipes:


Psychic Armor Recipes:


Strength Armor Recipes:


Speedy Armor Recipes:


Flying Armor Recipes:


Immortality Armor Recipes:


Spawn Ice Shelter Recipe:



How to install My Heroes Ability Mod:

  1. Simply download the Minecraft Forge latest version and run it.
  2. Type %appdata%/.minecraft/mods on the Start Menu and download the mod.
  3. Move the zip or Jar file to the folder mods
  4. Youre ready to play!

My Heroes Ability Mod Download Link:

For Minecraft 1.9


Credits: CyberRocky


How to fix minecraft mod crash?

Mods Crashes can easily occur due to mod conflicts, wrong versions of mods, or buggy mods. If the player has installed several mods, if using the older launcher, they should try renaming the “bin” directory in the Minecraft folder, then start Minecraft (Or replace the current minecraft.

How do I delete Minecraft Mods?

What you could do it you have Windows is click on the start button and then search run. Click on the secound option. Then search apps. Next go roaming then .minecraft then mods and you should see all your mods. Click the one you want to delete and press delete or backspace.

How do I update Minecraft forge for the Server?

if you run into the case of your server is not starting and you see in the console it’s saying something along these lines;

Console :: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.MultipleModsErrored:
Console :: Missing Mods:
Console :: unknown : need [,): have (Your version of Mc forge may be different
Console :: Missing Mods:
Console :: unknown : need [,): have

1. Open a browser and goto Link Here

2. Download the minecraft forge version you want to update

3. Save the file and run it

4. Select Install Server and click the box with “…”, click the desktop on the left and make a new folder called Forge.2772 and click Open and click OK

5. Go to the folder on your desktop Forge.2772, delete the minecraft_server.jar file and copy the forge-1.12.2- to ForgeMod.jar

Note – The ForgeMod.jar file is case sensitive, ForgeMod.jar is the only way it will work

6. Once that is done, go to the servercraft control panel, stop your server and go in the file manager. Delete the ForgeMod.jar forge-1.12.2- files and the libraries folder

7. You can use the file manager to upload your files or use an FTP program, either way, you need to copy all the files and folder from your Forge.2772 on your desktop to your root folder on your server. With the file manager you can drag and drop files to upload them

8. Once done, you can start your server

9. You can verify in the console that you upgraded it correctly



  1. Weapon
  2. Armor
  3. Furniture
  4. Decor
  5. Mobs
  6. Realism
  7. Cars
  8. Magic
  9. Lucky Blocks

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