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Fabric API – Modloader – 1.14.4 → 1.16.3

Fabric is a lightweight and experimental modding API for Minecraft. Accompanied by the Modloader Fabric, it will allow you to play mods for Minecraft, even for the latest versions such as snapshots.

Its purpose is to make it easier for mod developers to port their creations from one version to another. Especially for the new versions of Minecraft in version 1.14, 1.15 and 1.16 (1.16.1 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.3). Mods using Fabric as a library don’t even need to use Minecraft Forge.
Fabric’s API is highly regarded for its ability to minimize loss of in-game resources while supporting many mods at once. Many mod developers use it because it is quickly updated with new versions of Minecraft.

The advantages of the Fabric API

The Fabric API is lightweight and modular, making porting faster and Minecraft gaming sessions lighter.
Fabric development focuses on Snapshots as well as the “big” Minecraft updates, which allows developers to prepare their mods and have a more informed community.
The Fabric Toolchain is available to anyone, even if you only want to use part of it.

Download Links:

Fabric API Mod 1.16.3

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