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GoldRush Map for Minecraft (1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10)


Do you have skills in hiding gold from the police?

The only thing that will enter to your mind as the leader of your thief group is to hide the gold and take your moves slowly to avoid policemen and bring you to jail.  As one of the famous criminals and masterminds, you already have countless achievements of entering bank robbery activities and collecting tons of money from popular banks in the state.

In the game GoldRush Map Minecraft, you will be playing not just as a criminal but as a mastermind of the leading robbery group in the area. The plan you have made for the group is to target the Royal Bank which is located in the city of Aurium or much well known as “the city of Gold”.  But when you have already started the plan to the place (bank), the policemen were already notified. There is a limited time for you to stash gold within the hidden places of the village and temporarily leave the city before the police arrive and put you in jail!


The gold rush map is the main help for you to succeed of hiding the golds. With the map, you’ll be able to harvest each of the gold you have hidden while being able to kill of all of your enemies. In the game GoldRush Map 1.8.8, you might also include zombies as the character to make the game much more amazing. With the policemen and zombies chasing you, the chance to hide the gold and get it again for where you have hidden them will give you the chance to make it an exciting game of hiding treasures. Use the map to make the game exciting as it is always expected to show you.


GoldRush Map game also gives the chance for the police to find you through collecting all of the gold that you were able to rob from the Royal Bank. This is through collecting the gold then determining your DNA samples left. But then the police didn’t make it to catch you up in the act and they have called the station about the failed or aborted operation. Because of this, you have the chance to hide the gold with sufficient time to plan enough on where to hide it so that the police won’t be able to search for it in the city. You should be careful in hiding the gold as the policemen are good enough in searching for the items you have robbed from the bank. So think of a place where they would not be able to think it is hidden there!


GoldRush Map 1.8.8 has its manageable settings that you can see in the lobby to allow you to change gold amount that you are capable of hiding all throughout the game. It also has time span of police’s search for the gold as well as what time of the day it is happening. Leave above 2 values to prevent command clashing and smidge of a bug.

Let?s Plays:

How to install GoldRush Map:

  • Download the GoldRush Map.
  • With your extraction software (WinRAR, 7Zip, etc.) Extract file.
  • Locate the folder .minecraft . The location varies by operating system:
  • Go to .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Drag map folder into it.
  • Start minecraft.Select and play the map!
  • Enjoy and play.

Download Links:

For 1.8.8/1.8

Gold+Rush.zip – Link 2

Credit: Merphin – Original Thread on Minecraft F0rum

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