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How do I make more than 1000 videos using Animaker and save GSK$700K?

GSK is one of the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical groups with Laurence Chung serving as Chief Brand Officer. They have discovered, developed and manufactured innovative medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products to help improve the health of millions of people worldwide. Thanks to them, many sick people have been cured and led a healthy life.

In addition, Laurence Chung is a very good and experienced Chief Image Officer with a long working history in the pharmaceutical industry. He is skilled in Marketing Management, Business Planning, Retail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Management. It can be said that he is a good man in all fields.

Operation principle

GSK is a large multinational pharmaceutical company with employees located all over the world. We have our own methods and styles to identify our brands to avoid cases of brand counterfeiting.

We maintain style in all our communication channels by strictly following our brand guidelines. Part of our communication style is animation.

We use animated icons as well as animated human-like characters in our videos to emphasize and illustrate the solutions we offer to give viewers a better idea of what’s in our videos. we introduce.

Our team members were utilizing free/cheap online tools to create these animated videos. However, this process created two major challenges:

  • The animations did not match our style, thereby compromising the consistency in our brand communications.
  • The online templates and tools made our videos look like content that every other company could create. This was not acceptable for the GSK brand.

More than 1000 videos so far

At GSK, we wanted to use animated videos for a plethora of different use cases. From marketing to L&D, animated videos helped us communicate easily and effectively.

Animaker has helped our employees create animated videos easily for all of the different use cases – and that’s how we have created more than 1000 videos so far (While still sticking to our brand guidelines).

From this article we have seen that the benefits that Animaker brings have a great value. What are you waiting for to apply Animaker has your job to help you oversee expenses and earn extra income.


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