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MCSkin3D Tool for Minecraft (1.8/1.8.1/1.7.10)

MCSkin3D Tool – Useful in Obtaining Unique and Custom Skins

This tool is something that does not add up a helpful content on Minecraft. Actually, this is best considered to be a utility. There are many players who want to make their custom skins. Thus, this tool can help all these players. Practically, most players would like the idea of customizing their skin.


Generally, the tool combines painting effects of both 2D and 3D. This also helps players in creating high quality skins. Just like any other tool, you can get started with the use of the tool. This is also once you have installed it. It is best that you do not have it installed on the Minecraft directory. Give it its own file and a place that you can remember. But, try not dumping it to the Minecraft folder as it leads to crashes and other problems.

Although it combines the painting effects in 3D and 2D, the entire tool is more focused on creating skins in 3D. This tool helps in the process of making your perfect skin in the easiest way possible. This provides complete advanced utilities.


This is entirely different from other real-time editors. This helps you paint on your model and on your 2D texture map. It also provides well-arranged facility for your installed skins. Even a convenient button is also provided for an easy upload.

MCSkin3D Tool Minecraft is a skin editing and skin management tool. It can hold all of the skins you already customize in a certain place. This also allows you to manage them while you are in the program. Furthermore, it can also let you upload the customized skin right through Minecraft.net. This is also possible even without opening a browser.


Others might think that this is just a clone of other skin crafting or editing tools. The truth of the matter is that it was inspired by some resources like Q2MDL, SkinEdit, Quake 2 skinning tool and the GIMP.

However, this tool is designed to be used in a professional level. It is perfect for those who are after making something interesting for their personal use. They can also arrive with one thing to share with the entire community in Minecraft.


The “professional” term may intimidate you. However, using this tool does not require you of being a great painter. Your knowledge with the programs such as Photoshop can help you use this tool. Since it does not require you of installing it over Minecraft, this tool will be doing its job in any versions of this game. After all, skins may not even help you with the game.

You can use the MCSkin3D Tool 1.8 with minor issues while there is a model added for Alex arms. Technical support may still be a little risky.  The good thing is that it gets better. For you to install this tool, you must have this .NET Framework in version 3.5. Now, you have learned the value of this tool in obtaining unique and custom skins!


  • Download MCSkin3D
  • Download and install .NET Framework v3.5
  • Extract with Winrar or 7zip
  • Run MCSkin3D.exe
  • Enjoy

Download Links:

For 1.8.1/1.8

MCSkin3D Tool 1.8

For 1.7.10/1.7.4/1.7.2

MCSkin3D Tool 1.7


For 1.5.2

MCSkin3D Tool 1.5.2

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