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Mini Bosses Mod for Minecraft (1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9)

The Mini Bosses Mod adds, like its name says, particularly small new bosses to Minecraft. Mini Bosses Mod was made in the goal of making your world a little bit more dangerous, and, in my mind, it’s pretty successful. The new mobs are super charged bosses that deal a significant amount of damage and are very difficult to kill. This is where Dark Iron Armor comes into play.


Mini Bosses Mod Features:

  • Make your world a bit more dangerous!
  • Get armor that will make your friends jealous!
  • Occasionally experience bugs!
  • Get cool items!
  • Die a lot!



These mobs are inspired by rouge-like games in the sense that they have completely random properties assigned to them (Along with custom names). Right now only Zombies and Skeletons have a chance of spawning as Micro-Bosses.



The Super Slime is pretty much just a really big slime that on occasion will throw you around. Drops a large amount of slime balls on death (Note: You should enable slime block crafting in the config if you want to make use out of these)


The Iron Zombie is a rather tough, agile mob that can disarm players that attack it. Be careful though, it doesn’t burn in sunlight and has a dark side to it.


The Forest Guard does not appreciate Steve’s teardown of the local forest, so he decided that a suitable solution would be to hunt him down while carrying the head of one of his fallen trees.


The Crawler is a half-human half-spider hybrid that has lost it’s ability to climb. This foe should be avoided unless very powerfully geared.

Please note that all of these descriptions are intentionally vague. You should learn more about these mobs by fighting them yourself. If you want more or less of them, their spawn rates can be configured in the configuration file.

Blocks and Items:


Mini Bosses Mod adds a bunch of new mobs like Iron Zombie, which looks like a typical zombie in armor. But the big difference is the amount of HP it has and it deals very heavy hits. It can also run super fast and even take your weapon from you.

Mini Bosses also adds Forest Guards (looks like a walking tree but their attacks can make important damages), Watchers (it will attack you causing blindness and nausea) and Super Slimes (they can push you several blocks out of their way when they attack.). At the moment, any mod that registers their mod’s biomes with the Forge Biome Dictionary can have mini bosses from this mod spawn in their biomes.

How to install Mini Bosses Mod:

  1. Download and install the correct Minecraft Forge.
  2. Run Minecraft once to ensure that Minecraft Forge is installed correctly. A Mods button should now be available in the main menu.
  3. Download a copy of the Mini Bosses Mod jar (zip) and save it to the directory %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft/mods. The mods directory is created by Minecraft Forge in the previous step.
  4. Run Minecraft and enjoy!

Download Links:

Credit: tyler1555 | Source: Minecraft Forum

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