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Mondengel Resource Pack for Minecraft [1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4]

Mondengel Resource Pack for Minecraft by Mondengel is a pretty unique resource pack in the sense that it doesn’t really follow a specific art style. Mondengel Resource Pack  has a resolution of 16×16 . It’s important to keep in mind that Mondengel came out quite recently and is only at 50% completion right now so a lot of crucial textures are missing from it


It is basically a combination of its creator’s thoughts on what the textures of Minecraft should look like and, in all honesty, they actually look quite nice, so if you’re looking for a distinct visual experience, then this pack might just deliver.

Mondengel Resource Pack’s also worth mentioning that Mondengel comes with a few unique animations for certain textures such as the Nether Star, Pumpkin Face, Torch and the Dispenser

With a 16x resolution,  Mondengel Resource Pack  brings a lot of great visual elements to the table. We first of all want to touch on the amazing changes that it makes to the in-game GUI. Instead of its usual dull self, the user-interface looks bright, vibrant and has a variety of different colors that make it look very appealing



How to install Resource Pack?

  • Download the Resource Pack.
  • Open Minecraft, and go to Options->Resource Packs->Open Resource Packs Folder.
  • Drag the zip file you downloaded into that folder.
  • Select the pack, and you’re done!

Download Link:

for Minecraft 1.10.X

Credit: Mondengel

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