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Mouse Tweaks Mod for Minecraft (1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.8.9/1.7.10)

From the word itself, Minecraft, the word crafting is the top highlight of every Minecraft gamer. Many gamers found these games as perfect choice to be played during their leisure time. In case you are one of these online gamers who want to enjoy playing Minecraft every day, there is this new excellent mod called Mouse Tweak Mod. This is a game mod where you will be able to learn excitingly how to craft furnaces, tables and any rudimentary type of items while you are enjoying how it is being simply done in the game.


Why opt for Mouse Tweaks Mod Minecraft?

If you are thinking why you should play Minecraft with this mod, the answer is very simple. Mouse Tweaks Mod Minecraft has to give you the most simple and easy to play crafting game you’ll ever try to play in your whole life. While this is one of the best games, its features of click and responsive drag and drop. These two features make your gaming experience for a crafting game to be a great and uniquely achieved moment. These two features has their specially ways of presenting you on how to play the game efficiently as well.

How to Play the Game?

In playing Minecraft with Mouse Tweak Mod 1.12,1.10.2, all you have to do is to use the left button and click it and the drag and drop feature. Just click twice the left button for purposely getting the blocks and click the right button to place the blocks that you are going to craft. Thanks to Mouse Tweaks because this game is very easy to learn. Positioning those blocks and crafting the spots even gets easier and faster because of its drag and drop feature. These two features have enhanced the gaming experiences of these gamers in line.


In case you also want to make the game more exciting through paying with the other players, all you have to do is to distributing the items that will be crafted. By giving each of the items to the other items may also be time-saving which is very significant for the other present gamers. Mouse Tweaks Mod are exciting as they help the players to save time for their moment of crafting the simplest object they can craft in the game. This makes the game really that exciting which people will probably like after trying it at home or anywhere else.

If you are one of these players who love crafting games  online,  Mouse Tweaks Mod Minecraft is not only a choice but also a “must” game to play.  Many gamers are now looking forward to play this after trying and they can surely be very pleased to have this game for most of their leisure time. Now that you have known what Mouse Tweak Mod game is, you can already start playing the game as you wish. Take the opportunity to play one of the best ever played crafting game and this will only be Mouse Tweaks.

How to use:

Config file: .minecraft/config/mod_MouseTweaks.cfg

Config setting:

  • EnableRMBTweak=1

Hold your right mouse button:

Drag your mouse around the crafting grid:

You can even drag your mouse on top of existing blocks:

Config setting:

  • EnableLMBTweakWithItem=1

Hold your left mouse button:

Drag your mouse across the inventory:

Hold shift and drag:

Config setting:

  • EnableLMBTweakWithoutItem=1

Hold your left mouse button and shift at the same time, without grabbing anything: (Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)

Drag your mouse across the inventory: (Mouse cursor is not visible for some reason)

How to install:

  1. Download and install the correct Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download the Mouse Tweaks Mod.
  3. Run Minecraft once to ensure that Minecraft Forge is installed correctly. A Mods button should now be available in the main menu.
  4. Download a copy of the Mouse Tweaks Mod jar (zip) and save it to the directory %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft/mods. The mods directory is created by Minecraft Forge in the previous step.
  5. Run Minecraft and enjoy!

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Credits: YaLTeR97

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