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Somehow Jacqueline has increased her Instagram reach by 100%

Jacqueline is the founder of Taller Telekids, a media literacy initiative she created in 1996 and she is from Spain.

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A brief introduction to Taller Telekids, Taller Telekids is a workshop I set up to teach media studies to children and adults.
My students have the opportunity to write their scripts, record with camera, learn about sound and lighting, and edit digitally in my workshop, everyone can do what they like. so that it can be received in the most effective way.

We create videos and become the audience of those videos directly. We do the same for all classroom projects. Because this will help the seminars have a certain influence on the viewers and the audience.

The right tools!

We had to put a lot of time into the animation creation process although there are already many traditional tools like Adobe Animate and After Effects on the market

Adobe tools are not the right solution.

I have two criteria that need to be met:

  • I needed something that would allow me to create high quality Animations in less than 30 minutes.
  • Essential tools to save money.

Animaker – The Right One For You!

Animaker is unique to me as I know that its free version is quite generous and allows users to use multiple characters with super cool actions and movements.
We can add our voices to the animated characters we use in Animaker based videos. This is very important to me because I mainly want to use Animaker videos for my Instagram scrolls and create explainer videos using Animaker to teach my lessons. Everything Animaker brings to the table is wonderful and important to us.

Evolving day by day

What were the results after I started using Animaker, you ask?
I noticed a 100% increase in organic reach after I started posting Animated Reels made with Animaker. The views have gone from hundreds to thousands.
It ultimately helped me generate more traffic to my online workshop. This, in turn, resulted in 2X more sign-ups than I previously did.

We are gradually growing and improving thanks to Animaker.


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