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Xray Ultimate Resource Pack – Mod game Minecraft that supports ore mining on PC

Raw materials are essential minerals in Minecraft game, Xray Ultimate Resource Pack was born to help you make the extraction process faster and more efficiently. Moreover, this mod is very light so it is suitable for popular machine configurations.

Xray Ultimate Resource Pack version helps Minecraft gamers to exploit more ores and minerals than ever before.

Notable points are in mod Xray Ultimate Resource Pack

– Exploiting ore resources easily. The Xray Ultimate Resource Pack experience is designed for people who are regularly involved in Minecraft mining adventures and require a little extra support while doing so. Most of the modes of Minecraft are designed to enhance the image in one way or another but this one is completely different because it was created to aid in game play instead of enhancing the image of the game. Due to its nature, you don’t really expect any top image of this mode, but what you should expect, is a lot of important support as you dig. A variety of ores of better quality will help you get things done. – Owning ores through locating. Xray Ultimate Resource Pack helps players search for ore when providing coordinates. You will be able to know their exact location and that will save you a lot of time as you mine. It’s worth mentioning that, initially, you’ll need to get used to its x-ray features a bit as they tend to clutter the screen quite a bit but, once you figure out how they work, they will help. support. 

Minimum configuration required to play Xray Ultimate Resource Pack

– Light capacity, suitable for machine configuration. The Xray Ultimate Resource Pack has x16 resolution, so there is no loss of performance. This mode runs fine without Optifine but we definitely recommend using it with Optifine as it allows for exceptional night vision effects and also gives players the ability to smoothly turn off lights whenever they want.

Xray Ultimate Resource Pack Download Links:

Xray Ultimate Resource Pack 1.16.1

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