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Best MAC 10 Benefits and Gear

E.O.D. Attachments Perk 1

Benefit 2: Overkill

Benefit 3: Amped

Additional: KG M40

Deadly: Semtex

Strategic: Stim

The optimal MAC-10 loadout makes use of E.O.D. and Amped to protect you from explosive explosions and to speed up switching between your primary and secondary weapons. These Perks are crucial for the majority of meta Warzone loadouts, but particularly for those that rely on the run-and-gun style of gameplay.  Read more mac 10 loadout

The greatest KG M40 loadout, which is still a top AR in Warzone after all these years, may be used thanks to Overkill. It gives you complete versatility in any combat, complements the MAC-10, and enables you to prevail no matter how near or far away your adversary is.

Finally, the Semtex and Stim both aid in driving away bothersome campers and improve your capacity for survival. Simply rush inside buildings under enemy control and let the gunfire and explosives fly while keeping your finger poised over the Stim button for an instant energy boost.

How to get the MAC 10 unlocked in Warzone

Warzone’s MAC-10 may be unlocked by simply equipping an SMG and quickly eliminating two or more opponents in 15 different matches.

Play Team Deathmatch or Free-for-All in Vanguard, Black Ops Cold War, or Modern Warfare since doing this in Warzone can be a little difficult.

You’ll eventually be able to grab the MAC-10 as your prize and have a blast with it in CoD Warzone once you’ve finished the aforementioned challenge. read more mac 10 loadout

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