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How To Cure A Zombie Villager In Minecraft

Curing a zombie villager is not difficult, but there are some precautions and actions you should take to ensure the success of the entire operation.
It’s a job that needs to be done right and with the right tools. Read more how to cure a zombie villager

To cure the zombie villager, you’ll need the following items

Splash Weakness Potion

Apple of Gold

These are the necessary ingredients to cure a zombie villager, but where can you find them?

Formula For Weakness
Potion of weakness is a Potion that can weaken an entity, as you are already aware.
The brewing stand is where it can be created.

Because it can only be crafted in a 3 by 3 grid, turn on your crafting table. Place a cobblestone in the center column of the cell. Place a blaze rod in the middle cell of the top column; a blaze rod is an uncommon resource that can be obtained by slaying blaze mob in the nether strongholds. Cobblestone can be easily mined by simply mining underground.

Tip: In the Minecraft village, brewing stands can also be located within the church

You can create the potion of weakness after creating the brewing stand.

Items necessary: (Blaze Powder, Bottle of Water, Fermented Spider Eye, Nether Wart, Gunpowder)

Blaze Powder: Blaze Powder can be gathered by inserting a blaze rod into any cell of the Brewing Stand to energize it.

container of water Simply use the following recipe to make the bottles:

Simply fill the glass bottles with water once you have them, just as you would a bucket.
One sugar, one brown mushroom, and one spider eye are required to make a fermented spider eye. read more how to cure a zombie villager

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