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SkyBlock Map for Minecraft (1.12.2/1.10.2/1.7.10)

SkyBlock Map is one of the most played Minecraft maps, as it is compatible with different versions of Minecraft. The objective to use the map mod is surviving and completing the given challenges during the course of the game play. You will be able to use the original map, or you can try the hardcore version for much more adventure …

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Imperium Map for Minecraft 1.10.2

Imperium is a Minigame Maps inspired by the video game strategy Imperium. But for those who do not know, say that it seems subtly chess, not the game, if not this map. This map can be played by two or four players. There are two or four teams. The goal of all of them is to get carry the King to the center …

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Sky Element Map for Minecraft (1.10.2/1.8.9)

What is Sky Element Map? It is a map of survival and complete the monument. We will start our adventure on a floating Island, surrounded by more than 100 floating islands. Many of them contain specific biomes, how Islands biome of table or jungle, among others. We can even find islands of dimensions, with the properties of the Nether and the End. …

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After Dusk Map for Minecraft (1.10.2/1.9.4)

After Dusk Map is a frightful horror map which is perfect for helping the player to bring in the Halloween holiday. It isn’t especially reliant on the story to drive things along, and the map is rather linear anyhow, so if you just keep moving forward you should eventually make your way to the end of it. After Dusk is …

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Map for MC (1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10)

Enjoy Five Nights at Freddy’s Map for Minecraft. Five Night’s at Freddy’s Map is a vanilla Minecraft horror map based on the popular game with the same name. This map is fully functional, using a majority of the new 1.9,1.8.9 command features, as well as a combination of animated Armor Stands, the author have recreated the terrifying experience of playing FNAF …

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