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Zan’s Minimap Mod (1.16.4/1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.8/1.7.10)

Online gaming today is not just a child’s thing anymore. In fact, there are a lot of adults who are enjoying gaming challenges online. With the various games currently available in today’s market, Minecraft is a very popular game that both the young and old really enjoy. This game is actually loved by gamers due to its uniqueness and easy mechanics.

Zan’s Minimap for Minecraft

The game will allow you in building your own desired world rather than just playing in a gaming environment that is already created for you. The modest but essential changes in fact make Minecraft even more exciting for online gamers around the world. With Zan’s minimap, this is also referred to as Voxelmap that is created as modification in order to add more interesting features to the game.

Zan’s Minimap Mod Minecraft 1.8

However, the Zan’s minimap  works only with a compatible Minecraft version like 1.10.2,1.9,1.8, 1.7.10, 1.7.2 correspondingly. An outstanding feature of this modification is that, it allows gamers to exactly identify their standpoint and the direction where they will be going. With the unique features that Zan’s minimap minecraft offers, Zan’s and Voxelmap actually have some similarities when compared to Rei’s minimap.


With better customization options, the minimap significantly provides excellent support to “retro Sun” direction mod and “Aliens motion” tracker. It also helps square-shaped minimaps while it offers better texture packs. Aside from the radar mod that works for multiplayer, this minimap also supports various languages in order to make it much easier to access for international Minecraft gamers.

zan’s minimap mod serves as a highly reliable modification to any Minecraft games especially when it comes to graphical menu allowing players to efficiently modify their maps details along with a more complex mobs’ height indicator. Such indicator actually displays enemies’ locations near the player’s location. It will help you collide with your opponents however make sure to play not just with luck but with techniques.

Showcase – Guide install

Here are some of the mod features of minimap:

  • supports “retro sun” direction mod and “Aliens motion” tracker
  • more improved mob’s height indicator
  • the Death Marker displays recent death location
  • square-shaped minimap
  • graphical menu to modify map details
  • multiplayer’s radar mod
  • additional supported texture packs
  • several supported languages

Apparently, Zan’s minimap’s most helpful feature is definitely its Death Marker that helps players create certain point where in they can designate spots where they recently died. It significantly makes gaming more controllable and easier to manage. It also makes retrieving dropped goods, items, and gear in an easier manner while allowing the player to keep the game more exciting.


Of course, you will be making your Modloader or Minecraft Forge when you will install the minimap. Be sure to use compatible version in order to help you enjoy an ultimate gaming experience in your own convenient time. If you want to get better resources for your Minecraft gaming needs, the modifications made will help you achieve more exciting gaming. Check the site for more updates about the Zan’s minimap 1.11.2 and other modifications.

How to install?

1. Download and install latest Liteloader Mod
2. Download the Zan’s Minecraft Mod links below
3. Go to “.minecraft\mods\1.x.x” and move mod fie into 1.x.x folder
Notice: 1.8.0 is version your minecraft

4. Launch Minecraft using Liteloader profile.

Download Links

For minecraft 1.16.4/1.8/1.7


Zans Minimap Mod

For Minecraft 1.8 – Requires Liteloader

For Minecraft 1.7.10 – Requires Liteloader

For minecraft 1.7.2:

For minecraft 1.6.4:

For minecraft 1.6.2:

For Minecraft 1.5.2 – Requires Liteloader

Credit by MamiyaOtaru

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