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Why converting audio to text is so beneficial

There are many reasons to convert audio to text. Perhaps you need to create a written record of a meeting or interview. Maybe you want to review and study a sales call or presentation. It could be that you need to provide captions for a video. transcription can help with all of these things and more! In this blog post, we will discuss five ways transcription can help you achieve more with less.

How Audio Transcription Can Help You Achieve More With Less

Did you know that by transcribing your audio recordings into text, you can achieve more with less? Here are five reasons why transcription can help you be more productive and effective:

  • You can easily search for key information in long recordings.
  • It’s a great way to create summaries of important conversations or meetings.
  • Transcripts can help you review and revise presentations, speeches, and other written content.
  • They provide a permanent record of important conversations and business dealings.
  • Transcripts make it easy to share audio content with others who may not have the time or ability to listen to it themselves

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Reasons you should convert audio to text

Improve accessibility

There are 35 million persons with hearing problems in the United States alone, not counting those who simply prefer to read to listen. This implies that a sizable portion of the populace relies on transcripts to access and comprehend the stuff you produce.

Why would you miss a straightforward post-production process that increases the audience for your material if your objective is to reach a larger audience (and isn’t that always the goal?) The short response is no, you wouldn’t.

It sends a message to listeners that every member of an audience matters when someone takes the time to offer text transcripts of the audio they produce. It’s a simple step that lets your listeners know that you’re concerned about their needs and published this tape with them in mind.

Content reuse

For content producers aiming to maximize their content production efforts, audio recordings are a rich source of inspiration. Transcribing, chopping, and creating new content from your recorded content will give it new life. Here are a few of our preferred methods for recycling video content:

  • Turn it into a blog post
  • Simplify it with an infographic
  • Work it into an email campaign
  • Build it into a guide
  • Get more social

Increase discoverability and SEO

Audio transcription makes it searchable, increasing the number of individuals who find your content through organic search. Google’s algorithms can read the recording and can determine the exact content of the recording if the audio is transcribed. Otherwise, without a recording with the audio, Google can’t crawl the content of the podcast, radio segment, recorded interview, or webinar.

You must convert audio to text in order for your recording to be found in searches. This way, you’ll help your audience find your material who might not have. This includes users who are using search terms to which the information you have recorded may be relevant.

You should always use a transcription service to make audio content easily searchable if SEO and search ranking are important to you.

Increase shares

Your material will be shared by more people as more people discover it. This is a simple yet crucial point. It’s highly improbable, as we just stated, that listeners will take the time to write down and share the lessons they learn from your recordings with their followers. Even worse, by not providing a correct transcript of your audio, you put your listeners at danger of misquoting you.

Don’t let the site where you distribute your recordings limit their audience. Instead, strengthen your social engagement insurance plan and provide accurate transcripts for all of your audio. It benefits your audience as well as you and your impact.

Make the audience fall in love

It’s crucial to consider your audience while publishing anything online. Content that is geared toward the audience is presented in the manner in which your readers, viewers, or listeners prefer to consume it. By providing many ways for readers to access your material, you give them the option to read at their offices or listen while running.

The important thing to remember is that customers have the option, and regardless of what they choose, your information must be accessible for consumption. Giving your audience options is the best approach to delight them. You can make sure that your content remains relevant by letting your audience make that decision in a world where we expect the ability to tune in to what we want, when we want, and on our own terms.

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