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The Border Chase Map for MC (1.8.9/1.8)


The Border Chase Map 1.8.8 for Minecraft Gamers

The Border Chase Map is a game that is very easy to play for the reason that it has an easy concept. While you are running on a number of courses of park that will become steadily harder, you need to avoid its world border that is constantly creaming up starting from behind. If you catch it up to you, you are going to fall into an inky blackness and you will die when you reach the bottom of the world just like  how you would if you can dig on the bedrock as well as out of the maps in a normal basis. The only thing that you need to avoid is the grisly fate in order for you to keep on running forward. If you slow down or if ever you miss a crucial jump on the map, it means that you are already dead and you failed it.


The Border Chase Map will surely provide you enjoyment that you are looking for. These games are simple but it does not mean that you are going to stop from the lots of fun that you can experience. It does not allow you as well as those other multiplayers to experience it. Therefore, if you are planning to try playing it worth more than one person, then, you probably need to make the map in several ways. It is a very unfortunate situation especially when there are no other maps such as The Border Chase Map 1.8.8 available. It is mainly because they are a one of a kind type of map especially designed for Minecraft gamers.

In order for you to experience a good game and you will not be able to fail in every act that you do, you need first to follow the Border Chase Map rules. These rules are as follows:

-you need to render a distance that is 8+ in chunks

-your clouds should be set off

-this game is for single players only; if there would be multiplayers, the map would possibly break

-there are no other commands that you can have except kill

The Border Chase Map, is a very interesting map games that you can have for you to experience fun and excitement. With these games, you will surely forget the stressful things that are bothering you as well as the bad things that keep on running in your mind. This is indeed different from the other games available online.

The Border Chase Map Screenshot:

The-Border-Chase-Map-9 The-Border-Chase-Map-7 The-Border-Chase-Map-5 The-Border-Chase-Map-4 The-Border-Chase-Map-2 The-Border-Chase-Map-11 The-Border-Chase-Map-13

So if you are curious about this game, you should download it now. With The Border Chase Map 1.8.8, you will surely have fun and you will really feel something that is fulfilling. When you play this game, you will feel relax and at peace and you won’t be bothered with the mistakes that you have done, most especially if you have finished the game successfully. So, grab your own game map now and experience the great fun and excitement that it has to offer for you. You will never regret playing this great game.

Let’s Play:

Map Installation:

  • Download the The Border Chase Map.
  • With your extraction software (WinRAR, 7Zip, etc.) Extract file.
  • Locate the folder .minecraft . The location varies by operating system:
  • Go to .minecraft/saves folder.
  • Drag map folder into it.
  • Start minecraft.Select and play the map!
  • Enjoy and play.

The Border Chase Map Download Links:

For 1.8.8/1.8

Download From link 1Download From link 2

Credit: AnOddRadish

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