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How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon Mod The most complete version of dragon training mod

How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon Mod adds many species of tame dragons from the movie How To Train Your Dragon Universe into the Minecraft game world.

In addition to the two popular Minecraft Mod versions Dragon Mounts Mod and Realm of The Dragons Mod (an upgrade), players now have other options when they want to tame and train dragons to battle with How To. Train Your Minecraft Dragon Mod. Mod for your daily dragon riding needs. Players will own powerful dragons like Monstrous Nightmare, Deadly Nadder or Night Fury in their mounts collection, for adventure exploring the open world or fighting mobs.

Features of How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon Mod

This Minecraft mod provides players with many types of battle dragons of many different classes:
Strike Class:
Night Fury: is the fastest, most intelligent and also the rarest dragon. Night Fury has 1 main wings, side wings and tail fins. It is a curious creature that always wants to learn new things that they observe in the world. It is also smart enough to imitate the actions it sees. Compared to other dragons, Night Fury has the best communication ability, even can understand human voices.
Skrill: instead of spewing flames, Skrill unleashes metallic lightning bolts to create a massive explosion. It also stores electricity in the body for use when needed.
Snow Wraith: first discovered by Gothi on Glacier Island. These dragons do not have weaknesses, making them dangerous opponents in combat.
Tracker Class:
Deadly Nadder: body has hundreds of spikes, covering from head to tail. To deal with Deadly Nadder, it is best to stand in front of you as it cannot see you.
Rumblehorn: able to sniff out targets.
Sharp Class:
Razorwhip: is a deadly, extremely aggressive creature.
StormCutter: in addition to the main wings, it is also hidden inside the second pair of wings. No dragon has achieved the precision of movement as StormCutter when it uses all 4 wings to form the X-shaped wings.
Speed Stinger: Despite having wings, it rarely flies and is considered a useless dragon.
Timberjack: Living in dense forest, it is a sensitive creature that likes to live in peaceful places.
Boulder Class:
Catastrophic Quaken: loves to eat rock and live in rocky mountains.
Gronckle: A dragon heavy, moving slowly but the attack is quite strong.
HotBurple: loves to eat iron ore.
Whispering Death: poor eye and lack of sensitivity, in return it possesses sharp teeth that can bite everything.

In addition, How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon Mod also provides players with many types of dragons, dragon classes and other useful items, making the Minecraft gaming experience more fun! Install a mod today with Minecraft Forge to become a professional dragon trainer!

How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon Mod 1.12.2

How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon Mod 1.12.2

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